Just like physical health, your mental health can go through highs and lows.

Sometimes you’ve just got a sinking feeling that something isn’t right, but can’t identify the problem or find the right words.

Maybe you are experiencing emotions that you are struggling to process? Perhaps feeling lost, alone, anxious, misunderstood, confused, sad or angry? Possibly having problems in close relationships or repeating unhealthy patterns with that feeling of ‘going round in circles’. You might have turned to substances or other vices to help you mask emotions or to make you ‘feel better’, only to discover that they make you feel worse?

If you can relate to any of this, perhaps we could arrange a time to have an initial conversation...

Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Ben Kaye. Whether you are seeking answers for a specific issue or simply allowing yourself to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions in your own time, I aim to work with you to explore how you have arrived where you are now and how to embrace who you might be, in the situation where you currently find yourself.

For your convenience, all sessions are currently held remotely.


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